Featured Build: Adam's Custom - Nightcraft Bobbers
Adam's custom bike

Adam’s custom bike

Adam approached us with some really unique build ideas in mind. As most customers do, he had a heap of features he wanted to integrade into the overall design. As we went through the build sheet the bike started to take shape and take on a cool dark theme. The result being a longer sleek design taking cues from a few areas, one being similar to what is coming out of some of the top Japanese build houses at present. This bike has loads of custom gear including:

  • Matte paint
  • Customized engine bay
  • Big bars
  • Custom Evantech seat flowing through to an old school sissy bar which make this a truly unique custom build.

Keep your eyes peeled around the streets of Surfers Paradise. With Custom Evantec Cigar pipes, if you don’t immediately see it, you will be sure to hear it!!!

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