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Idaho rolling out with new Evantech Dragbars, forward control extensions and Birdcage indicators #nightcraftbobbers
Bit if old school style mixed with the new
Second delivery for the dayThe Nightcraft Sleigh is headed for Boyne Island and Gladstone Keep your eyes peeled
2021 Deliveries are making their way out the door
Nearing completion... Matte Grey Vstar 650
Looking to get your licence?? Buzz our mates at @bronsonrockgarage  Quick, simple fun We are taking our next 6 build slots this week
Customer build out and about @brooknoden
The Nightcraft Team is back on deck for 2021 and straight back into builds Big things to cone from the team this year Taking orders now
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and are enjoying a well earned break
Look back at one of our concept builds Our Full swoop custom fender came out of this project build #xvs650 #xvs #vstar #vstar650 #custombike #yamaha #custompaint #bobber #custombobber #aussuebuilt #goldcoast

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