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New stock coming in👌 #Xvs650 #yamahavstar
Another custom build heading out the door to Victoria today. Our thoughts and prayers are with our southern brothers and sisters💪 We will continue to do our best to supply and we hope you guys pull through this as quickly and safely as possible🙏 #fuckcovid
A build is only limited by your imagination👌👌👌 Check our this Jap bobber from the west🤘
New XVS650 Build ready to roll out to VIC. We are open! We are building! We are delivering!
Another shot of our latest 1300 build out for delivery Saturday 🤘
Sound check🔊🔊🔊 Softtail is ready to roll💪💪💪
Just arrived 🙌 Immaculate 2007 Honda VTX1300 with loads of extras and chrome for days... buzz the shop for details 0400115779
Looking to upgrade?? Beautiful 2005 1340cc Softtail with only 34kms available. Looks and rides👌👌 $13990 0400115779
Final touches to a recent BMW R100 build 🙌 #bmwr100 #nightcraftbobbers #goldcoast #r100 #r100rs #r100r
New Custom headlight upgrade including custom fitting bracket👌 Available on the website .
New Air filters with custom Evantech brackets on line
Looking for something different... BMW R100 (non-LAMS) Looks cool😎 Sounds great🔊 Goes like a Rocket 🚀 #bmw #r100rs
Looking to upgrade to your opens?🤔 Sweet low km Softtail is in the showroom ready to go🤘

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