LAMS Approved Bikes - what you need to know to get the best LAMS bikes

When learner bike licenses went from 250cc bikes to the LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) system a whole new world of great motorcycles opened up for learners. Within the LAMS category, there are some great bikes. LAMS  approved bikes will now take you well beyond the your L-plates. They’re proper bikes. Exciting bikes. Bikes you can keep.

Nightcraft Bobbers LAMS Approved Bikes

Here at Nightcraft Bobbers, our goal is to make the biggest, baddest, loudest LAMS approved bikes on the market. We take standard bikes like the Yamaha XVS650 (by far our most popular model), apply custom bobber kits, and make something lean and raw. Like this:

Skunk model Yahama XVS650 bobber LAMS approved bikes

Skunk Model Yahama XVS650 LAMS Approved Motorcycle


What Are LAMS Approved Bikes

In the dim dark ages of motorcycle learnerdom, people could only ride 250cc motorbikes. Some of them were 2-stroke rockets but most were small and lacked punch. The Learner Approved Motorbike Scheme recognized that this wasn’t such a great way to do things and approved a bunch of motorbikes above the 250cc range.

There are still some restrictions on what constitutes a LAMS approved bike. LAMS bikes must be under 660mL and have a power-to-weight ratio of 150kW/t. Maybe you’re reading those figures and saying, “Wha?”  As a general rule, bikes that are in the mid-range sizes and aren’t complete race rockets are going to be on the list. If you’re interested in cruisers and bobbers then you’re pretty safe to assume the bike you’re looking at (so long as it’s under the 660 limit) will be a LAMS approved bike.

For more information, you should see the regs in your state.

Yamaha XVS650s are LAMS approved bikes

What these rules mean in effect is a bike like the Yamaha XVS650 (by far out most popular bike) is a LAMS approved bike.

We do a number of custom Yamaha XVS650s, such as:

All bikes are custom ordered and made for you. We also have stock bikes if you’re wanting something right now. Check out the stock bikes and if you see something you like, make an inquiry.

Here are some pics of our previous builds:

You can see more of our Skunk model XVS650 (and Mikaela) in the video below.



For more information about LAMS approved bikes contact us today. Or click on Bikes in the top menu and check out what we’ve got on offer.