Nightcraft Bobbers Instagram Video - Nightcraft Bobbers

This video was done mainly as an Instagram video. There’s one shot at the end that’s framed for Insta, so you’ll see some blurry edges. Apart from that it’s just a kick-arse video featuring our wonderful LAMS approved bobbers.


As a mash-up of some of our best bit through it’s worth having a gander at. The lovely Mikaela Wood is there, some footage we’ve done in conjunction with our Eternal MMA promotion, and of course lot’s shots of our bobbers. Turn the sound up so you can here to incredible note of the Evantech pipes. You’re going to want some of these. (Like out Facebook or follow our Instagram. We’ll be releasing full details of these pipes pretty soon).

Nightcraft Finance

If you need help getting the coin together to buy a bike then check out Nightcraft Bobbers. They specialize in getting first time finance for our LAMS approved bobbers. Riding away on a custom bobber just like those in our video is a lot easier and more attainable than you think. There’s a real quick and easy four-step application starter for on the website. Submit it and you’re well on your way to realising the dream bobber.

LAMS Approved Bobbers

Nightcraft Bobbers specialise in LAMS approved bobbers. Our aim in the make the biggest baddest loudest learner approved bobbers on the market. If you check the video above you’ll see we’re doing some good gear.