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Nightcraft Bobbers Returns Policy


Nightcraft Bobbers will happily assist customers who wish to return or exchange goods purchased from our store.

  • All Items must be returned within 14 days after the buyer receives it.
  • All returns must be in saleable condition and with original packaging.
  • Proof of purchase must be provided.
  • Due to the varying nature of products, refunds will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • We can provide an Exchange for other goods.
  • Positive identification will be required.
You do not have the right to return a product when:
  • Change your mind.
  • Ordered the wrong product.
  • Found the product cheaper elsewhere.
  • Product was sold as a clearance or reduced item.
  • Damaged the product by misusing it.
  • Product has developed problems due to wear and tear.

Please contact us before attempting to return goods. Warranty terms do vary between items. We will attempt to deal with warranty claims quickly due to the possible inconvenience caused to the customer, however delays will occur in some instances. Nightcraft Bobbers are not authorised to repair or replace some items, and they may need to be shipped to be checked by suppliers. The customer may be subject to a repair charge and a freight charge. We may be able to advise on a fix over the phone or do a simple repair locally and save on unnecessary delays and possible charges.

The price displayed for products on the website represents the full price including GST, but does not include postage/delivery charges which will depend on the destination. Please note that shipping and handling rates are calculated based upon your location and the size/weight of your order. We make every effort to ensure that product descriptions on our Website are accurate. However some inaccuracies may occur. Nightcraft Bobbers may make changes in the products described, and to other content of the website, at any time without notice. All depictions contained on the Website are for illustration purposes and may only be a representation of the item. Product prices are regularly updated when price changes are received from our suppliers. Prices are also subject to changes due to currency fluctuations. We reserve the right to change prices displayed for products on our website at any time.

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Email: info@nightcraftbobbers.com.au

Parts & Service: parts@nightcraftbobbers.com.au

Accounts: accounts@nightcraftbobbers.com.au

Parts: 1300 115 779

Finance: 1300 261 081

21/231 Brisbane Rd,

Biggera Waters QLD 421

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